User Provisioning


Automate access requests and
give the right people the right access at the right time.

What is Automated User Access Provisioning?

User access in large organizations poses a myriad of problems. Most companies have countless points of access to their assets and data that results in inefficiencies and security risks.  IT managers aim to reduce administrative costs and speed access for business users in a controlled and compliant manner. Business users want a timely and simple way for requesting access for their employees.  

Automated user access provisioning is the ability to expedite user access to authorized individuals while reducing costs, improving security, and providing self-service access requests. Here are some things an IT department can do to become more efficient at provisioning access.

Empower technology

Technology should make your job easier.  Make sure any piece of software is tailor made to your specific processes and workflows will help increase efficiency in provisioning. Courion’s user provisioning solution enables business users to drive access creation, deletion and modification from workflows incorporated into their employee hiring, onboarding, and transfer processes.

Best of breed integration

Make sure all of your technologies are working together, and not against each other.  In the increasing complex IT world, having the ability to seamlessly integrate into other systems should be paramount for security.  With Courion, it is easy to automate connections to mission critical applications and systems and the most widely-used authorization systems.

Platform and scalability

Make sure no piece of technology goes unused. Need a connector that plugs into Microsoft Office, your helpdesk system, or other application?  Having the ability to quickly and easily create connectors into any systems can cut done on present and future implementation and maintenance costs. Build new connectors faster and at lower implementation and maintenance costs thanks to Courion's industry-leading connector framework.

Ease of implementation

Having confidence that a project can be deployed quickly and be able to tie into existing applications is critical. Courion's provisioning solution is known as the fastest and least costly provisioning solution to deploy.