With deep experience and more than 600 customers managing over 10 million identities, Courion is the market leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM), from provisioning to governance to Identity and Access Intelligence (IAI). Courion provides insight from analyzing the big data generated from an organization’s identity and access relationships so users can efficiently and accurately provision, identify and minimize risks, and maintain continuous compliance. As a result, IT costs are reduced and audits expedited. With Courion, you can confidently provide open and compliant access to all while also protecting critical company data and assets from unauthorized access.

Courion helps IT security teams provide the most efficient and flexible support for the business without compromising secure access. Courion customers have the confidence to provide open access to appropriate systems by insuring the proper access is granted from the start and that their systems are continuously monitored for inappropriate behavior so preventative and remedial action can be taken in real-time.

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